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September 9th, 2011


THE STORY OF EURO Design Build Remodel


Life is a journey.......and the paths we choose are not always the ones we end up pursuing.  Such is the unique story of Euro Design|Build|Remodel and its owners, Melinda and Seval Dzinic.  Little did they know that when they set out to improve the quality of life for those migrating refugees from Bosnia and Croatia, immediately after the war between Serbia and the other dividing Republics of Yugoslavia, it would be their own lives that would be changed forever and their dreams fulfilled.

It is true, the real purpose for creating the Euro Companies was to provide jobs to these amazing, displaced, and talented craftsmen, and the opportunity for them to make a living while using their well-mastered skills and talents.  Seval Dzinic, a Geo-mining engineer by degree from the university of Tuzla, Bosnia and  Melinda Dzinic, a very successful dental professional, who were changing people's lives by changing their smiles and along with it, their self-esteem, found themselves in a unique situation.

Although their goal was to pursue these chosen careers until the day they both retired, after forming the Euro Companies with the above goal in mind, this opportunity came along and the universe changed their direction. It would not be until a few years later that both Melinda and Seval would realize just how much they both loved their jobs.. And how the true gift had been given to them.  Doing what you love to do is a gift in itself....

Today, they take pride in making a difference in the lives of the various people they serve by being careful to spend clients money wisely, all while helping them make well-informed, long-reaching investment decisions, when it comes to their home improvement needs.   The process is called a Journey for a reason. It is a well-defined journey of the things yet to come - the anticipation and the final delivery of something incredibly well planned and executed.  The "journey"  is the quality of your remodeling experience with Euro, as we work hard to improve the quality of your life for many years to come.


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