Euro Design|Build|Remodel believes the renovation journey starts with a well-defined design that sets the budget and shows the homeowner an exact vision of how their finished space will look. After starting our business, we quickly realized that most consumers did not have a positive outlook when looking to renovate and remodel. We believe we have changed this standard with Euro's  clients and are thrilled when embarking on their remodeling journey with us. With clear communication and trust as the foundation of all our projects, wedeliver the results our clients expect.  Here are some frequently asked questions when working with Euro:




 1. Where do I start?

Please contact us via telephone so we can discuss your project goals and articulate how Euro will meet and far surpass your expectations.  We all work together as a team.  Euro will deliver exactly what you envision.  Through our first conversation I am able to understand beyond words what you are telling me.  

2. What work does Euro Do?

Euro is not for those who are looking for the lowest bid, but for those with discerning taste and a stress-free journey to the end product.  Euro is a custom design firm.  We don't just remodel, we build an investment in your home.  Your home is your most secure investment choice and we don't just recommend…we make sure it fits.  Our projects are so well built and designed that they transition with time.  The dollars your spend becomes an asset that makes you money.

3. Is Euro Design Insured?

Yes.  Please let us know if you would like to review our comprehensive policy coverage. 

4. Is Euro Design licensed?

The state of Texas does not require licensing or certification for general contracting. Euro Design|Build|Remodel is a member of NARI (National Association of Remodeling Industry).  We are pledged to observe high standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility in our conduct of business.  We have also received designations that address the critical services offered by the remodeling industry.  The certifications we hold include: CR - Certified Remodeler; CKBR – Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer;  UDCP – Universal Design Certified Professional;  and Certified Pella Contractor.

5. Do you use Sub Contractors?

Euro mostly uses employed staff members with the exception of our exclusive, independent plumber and electrician, who we hold in high regard and have a long lasting relationship with. 




6. Does Euro Help With the Design Process?

Yes. We do not take on any projects unless we design them.  Most remodelers are order takers without the vision, talent and integrity.  We do not take your money …..we are investing it in your home. 

7. Should I bring anything to our first appointment?

Yes. I tell our clients to create a wish list; bring clippings from magazines, etc.  It is our job to create a vision for you….what your home will look like when the project is completed.  An estimate cannot be created without a vision. 

8. How will I know what the project will look like upon completion?




You will come to our showroom where we have selections of everything you will be needing for your project.  Design boards with color, samples and drawings of your space will be completed ….you will have no doubts about  what your project will look like when it is complete. 





9. How long does a remodel typically take?

Based on the vision and budget we create a specific timeline for the project from start to finish.  The time, efficiency and satisfaction of the project is determined by "obtaining" the products before the project is started.  We then have the ability to rectify any product mistakes before we are into the project.  We don't allow any of our projects to stand still for ANY period of time.  Once every product has been checked and prepared, a schedule is put together for the project and updated weekly to reflect the project progress.

10. Does Euro offer a guarantee?

There are standard guarantees that go with the products which will be reviewed with you.  Our work never ends until a client shows complete excitement and satisfaction.  That is why 90% of our clients are repeat business!!  We go beyond ---long after projects are done. 



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