Joseph H. - Dallas, TX

It is my sincere pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Seval and Melinda Dzinic of Euro Builders. I have had the opportunity to engage this builder on two separate occasions.

The first occasion was in the remodeling of my home in Addison, TX. It goes without mention that one would expect the highest quality service from any builder or remodeling company. However, with my many years of commercial and residential real estate financing, rarely have I ever seen a builder take their time to pay attention to the particulars. I am aware builders constantly struggle with trying to cleverly hide unsightly faults but Euro Builders is open in their efforts to correct, repair and improve even the tiniest of details.

Euro Builders have impressed many of the professionals involved in my home. I am aware of a recent event with my appraiser. The appraiser specially request Euro Builders to remodel his own home.

Secondly, Euro Builders helped me with a beleaguered situation with our bank. The bank was being criticized by regulators and inspectors, not to mention both craftsmanship and faulty interior design. Euro Builders without delay and uncompromising principles may have enthusiastically assisted the bank in preventing costly regulation issues. Additionally, Euro Builders may have helped us circumvent significant sub-contractor issues that would have further eroded interior design and structural code violations.

I am excited to introduce you to Euro Builders and their commitment to excellence. I am impressed with the owners and the employees' integrity and dependability. It is rare that I would let someone in my home or our bank in vault areas with millions on deposit in cash work unsupervised. I would trust your experiences would be the same.

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